Latest News

Our planning application for the new store and petrol filling station has now been submitted to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in our public consultation, and are very grateful for the support we have received.

Site plan from submitted planning application

We are carefully reviewing all the comments received to make sure we can deliver the best possible plan for Nuneaton, and for the submitted application we are:

  • Extending acoustic screening around the loading area in the service yard
  • Increasing planting along the boundary with Jodrell Street gardens
  • Adding further detail on new boundary fence between the site and Jodrell Street gardens
  • Adding more landscaping across the site
  • Taking account of current traffic issues in our traffic impact assessment
  • Seeking to reduce the number of car-borne shopping trips from north west Nuneaton to other stores that currently add to traffic on Midland Road and the ring road
  • Encouraging access to the new store for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users

Full details of the planning application and all the technical reports can be found on the Council’s website HERE (please enter application reference number 038512).